Hi there, it’s me… Van!

Good day. Welcome to Space Cakes! I will admit, I’m quite intimidated by the fact that this is my first post. Will it be too boring? Too long? Will anyone even read it!? … Well in my ripe age of 21, I simply can’t be bothered to fuss over such questions. Instead, I will harness my innate desire and skill of baking and babbling. I mastered the fine art of stirring, folding and whipping, at a young age, but even before I could form a sentence, I’ve taken every opportunity possible to give a show or share a thought. I’m here to share experiments that I conduct in my lab – because I’m actually a mad scientist working feverously to develop the tastiest concoctions of life. I’m a full-time business woman in the marketing industry by day, but by night I’m a masked villain/mad scientist lurking around my kitchen (and the glorious city of Toronto) to spread love and bake cakes. So stay tuned (bookmark this blog, right now) because not only will I share stories (maybe even recipes if I’m feeling generous) but this will also be a gateway of communication from ME to YOU. Because the best part about all of this is I’m a baker, and I offer a service – an extremely affordable, tailored and unique service. I’m Van – the step-in domestic superhero and I want to provide your bellies with edible happiness and pleasure.


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