Toronto is Tasty

And what a pleasant Wednesday it is. I suppose today’s topic of interest is Winterlicious 2010. This annual event (or I suppose bi-annual if you count Summerlicious) is a must for all foodies, especially if you’re on a budget. Toronto’s finest restaurants offering totally affordable prix fixe menus, sounds like my kinda deal. And even though the prices are hard to resist, I can’t afford to go wild… so I’ve opted for two reservations (so far) My first choice was tough… I needed to find a simple, yet enticing menu that could satisfy my broad palette, but also that of my boyfriend (he is a meat and potato kinda guy) It’s difficult because he doesn’t like veggies, and trying something new is best done in our home, where he has the option of cursing and spitting it out. Anyways, I chose ‘Fred’s Not Here’ – the main course dinner menu offered 4 kinds of steak, how can he not be satisfied with that!? In addition, I too, have slight carnivore tendencies… red meat is my BFF. So February 2nd we’ll dress in our Sunday best, and mosey our way to King St. I can’t wait… and although the dessert menu lacked any details or sense of excitement (chef’s selection of the day) I do love surprises.
My second adventure takes place the day Winterlicious begins – January 29. I knew I had to do lunch, and I knew if I chose Yonge and Eglinton, I could easily convince my colleagues to tag along for a ‘team lunch’. This choice was too easy… Tabule. We’ve been talking about going for sometime now, but the winter bitterness has forced us to choose lunch destinations close to the office. Middle eastern food is something I don’t eat regularly, so this will be a treat… and did I mention one of the offered desserts is baklava!?
I really, really want to book one more reservation for Superior restaurant on Yonge. I live too close to avoid it, so I find it rather likely that I’ll book a lunch date there. Mmm…!


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