Chef at Home

If you’re into cooking and baking, it’s likely you’ve planted yourself in front of the TV for hours watching cable’s greatest gift – Food TV. I can remember watching this channel religiously since we got our first satellite, and if you ask my guy roommates from my second year of college, channel surfing was forbidden while my ‘programs’ were on. I can’t say I watch this much anymore – firstly I don’t have time, and secondly most of my favourite programs have been replaced, or played less frequently. If there’s one person to be truly patriotic of it’s Michael Smith. Yeah, some people find his poppa-bear charm slightly nauseating, but he’s a talented guy! And to even further my excitement, he’s going to be facing off against my favourite chef of all time, BOBBY FLAY in Iron Chef America! I’ve already put an alarm on my phone to witness this epic battle. (Sunday, January 31 – 9:00 pm) I’m rooting for my home boy Michael, but I can’t wait to see what the secret ingredient is, and most of who will reign supreme.

As the chairman says, “LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!” *swift hand chop motion follows*


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