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Don’t you just love the phrase ‘happy accident’… it has such a pleasant ring to it. My previous post mentioned that I had to make cupcakes yesterday evening for a meeting today, so that’s just what I did. Feeling particularly generous, I didn’t just opt for an icing topped cake – instead I decided to layer. Cupcake – icing – sugar cookie – icing – dash of sprinkles. The end result was fantastic and super fun-looking. Because what it all comes down to is… why only have one treat when you can have TWO in ONE! The reason I brought up ‘happy accident’s is because I experienced one last night. Being over confident of the previously mentioned/new-found chocolate frosting caused somewhat of an oversight on my part. The ganache base had too much cream, so I added a touch of icing sugar to the dark chocolate mixture and whipped on my mixer until fluffy… the key is keeping these cupcakes refrigerated so the icing doesn’t melt. I’m fussy over things like this, but the positive side is it tastes phenomenal. The perfect balance of moist cake, and rich but very light and fluffy chocolate icing.
On a side note, today is my favourite of the week – FRIDAY. And Friday means one thing… the weekend. This particular weekend is jam-packed with essitin’ plans. I begin the adventure with a road trip to Hamilton to see a live band (Monster Truck) I have never seen them before, and initially doubted such a name for a band… this was until I realized how cool the name Monster Truck really is. (think about it) Makes me want to throw on some plaid, a trucker hat and shotgun a beer. Saturday we have a dinner party (will be making cupcakes for this too!) And Sunday will be spent in Burlington at the indoor rock-climbing haven, Climbers. Can’t wait!


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