Trashy Taco

I will not use this blog solely to gush about my culinary experiences, life is important too. So while I’m at it I suppose I could start by ranting about today’s chilly weather. Toronto is just too darn windy… On a side note, I have a new found distraction to vent my frustrations: Any Torontonian that uses public transit has at least a few stories worth sharing… some good, but mostly bad. It’s the service we love to hate. But I’m also not here to be a negative nancy… It’s Thursday after all and that means one day ‘till Friday and Friday indicates the beginning of something epic – my weekends. Thursday also represents two traditions: the first being Office night and while some of my gall friends are in love with the character Jim, I’m more of a Dwight gal… cause let’s face it… Dwight is the epitome of hilariousness. And our second (and very new) tradition is taco night – complete with guacamole, salsa, sour cream, etc. … must not… succumb… to … indigestion.
Lastly, tomorrow marks the beginning of Winterlicious… 3 course lunch @ Tabule for me!


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