Is this real?

Imagine… walking up, knowing that today will be a good one – the sun is shining and the birds aren’t chirping cause it’s too cold but that’s okay, it’s winter afterall. There’s an extra hop in your step because you know you can sleep in tomorrow, and once you get yourself prepared for the day and pack your bag for work, you can’t find your wallet. Not only is the idea of losing a wallet somewhat traumatizing, but knowing that it’s the start of winterlicious and I have a lunch to pay for… well, that caused even more panic. How does a lady survive without her plastic? Well thankfully my sleepy boyfriend grunted something along the lines of, “blah blah blah borrow my debit card blah blah not much money on it blah” because I have reservations waiting for me and a belly to be filled. And to be even more grateful, my wallet was on the floor of my friend’s car. What a start to the day! Luckily lunch is just around the corner.
Sometimes it’s nice to spend a weekend evening takin’ it easy. After a long week of work, occasionally I just want to ‘veg out’ on Friday night – put on a movie or two, eat some leftovers and throw in a load of laundry. So that’s just what I’ll do – but Saturday is a just a little more exciting. As a result of my laidback Friday evening, the day will begin with a refreshing climb session at my favourite place in T.O. – Rock Oasis. The evening festivities are surely the best part; a giant group of us are getting together for drinks, then heading to Sneaky Dees for a good ol’ fashioned dance party. So if you see a blonde with moves like an awesome robotic cheetah, it’s probably just me… The big question is… should I wear my luchador mask? Like I said… I’m somewhat of a masked-villain by night so it could work.

I’ll let you know.


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