A Trip to Tabule: Winterlicious 2010

The moment we entered Tabule, I felt I had been wisped off to an entirely different continent. Everything from the overall ambience, music and décor instantly transport’s you to the Middle East. Initially I felt quite surprised by the small size, but soon realized the restaurant is split in half. Our waitress was extremely friendly and accommodating. To start I had a combination plate with generous portions of humus, babaganouj, tabouleh and falafel. A couple baskets of warm pita came to accompany the spread. Although I feel my homemade hummus has better flavour, it was authentic and delicious. The falafel was my absolute favourite – a crisp outside and fluffy interior. My second course was a Mennonite chicken skewer with rice and salad. I can’t say the salad was very appetizing – the overpowering flavour of lemon was all I could taste. The rice, however, was extremely delicious… a perfect balance of flavour and texture with fried onions scattered on top. The chicken itself was dry but did not lack flavour, and the yogurt-based dip our waitress brought was the perfect compliment. Last, I ordered a phyllo pastry dessert with custard, coconut and a sprinkling of rose-water syrup and pistachios. The texture took me by surprise, and although I felt it wasn’t the star of the show, it was just enough sweetness to meal finale. I would definitely recommend Tabule to those familiar or inexperienced with Middle Eastern fare. The sensual atmosphere, affordable prices and well-rounded dishes make it a good lunch or dinner destination. I’d give it a 2.93 out of 5.


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