Movin’ on Up

Recently I came to the realization that I was spending too much money for my apartment rental. The building is new and I’m located in the downtown core, so you can only imagine my monthly rental fee (I’m pretty much paying an extra few hundred dollars to be in the heart of it all) and is it worth it? Not really… Initially I felt it extremely important to choose a location close to pretty much everything, but now that I’ve been here for nearly a year, I’m doubting this. The TTC is impeccably convenient (although extremely temperamental) and each area in Toronto has something fun to offer. Currently I’m about a 4 minute walk to both Queen west and the Eaton centre, but now I’ve increased my search area from as far west as high park even north to the Yonge and Eglinton area. I do have my preferences – living in the College or Kensington area would be great, and I do like Yonge & Eglinton, but the east side is something I’d like to boycott entirely. Living in a place that allows pets is very important, but also I need a kitchen that has enough counterspace for my Kitchen Aid mixer and the rest of my gadgets too! A culinary crazy like me needs a decent space to conduct my essperiments. So now’s the time where I begin my search and believe it or not, I’ve already found success in a few places. Within the next couple of months I’ll start trekking around to do some tours, but for now it’s a matter of avoiding bedbugs and finding a decent rental price. I do love this city.


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