Dedicated to PB

The past couple days I have felt intense inspiration to bake – I think it has something to do with my cake blog addiction. Recently I’ve been following a few blogs by avid confection confessors. I really had no idea that so many people shared such admiration for baked goods – quite comforting really (I’m not the only pastry psycho) So this new found love, has me spinning in circles, wondering what I can try next. Another fondness of mine is peanut butter… it’s perfect. It’s only natural that my recent culinary experiments have contained this ingredient. The first creation started as a bland and boring bran muffin mix – It’s been in my cupboards for awhile, so why not? With a quick addition of a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a handful of peanut butter chips, I knew I was on the right track… but I didn’t stop there. Once the batter was placed ever-so-carefully into my (extremely out-dated Christmas muffin liners) I dolloped a generous teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter onto the tops (pushing slightly into the muffin batter itself) 20 minutes later and I was left with PB heaven. (highly recommended to eat these suckers while they’re hot) My second adventure was influenced by the almighty (lame-ass) Valentimes. Anna Olsen’s cocoa wafer recipe is a winner. The dough is light and easy to prepare… To add some flair I made a chocolate frosting for half, and topped the rest with a drizzle of melted peanut butter chips (motif?) Added some sprinkles for extra crunch and colour. And last, but not LEAST, to keep the theme of love and romance and special-ness, I set aside some chocolate frosted cookies for a sprinkling of hearts and gold leaf. That’s right… GOLD. If you can’t afford to buy the lady some bling bling, then make her some gold cookies… Wish I could share these ones with the world. I feel richer… To leave you with one last treat… check out these blogs… coolest people around, also see the last link below for Anna’s chocolate wafer recipe!:

I pity the fool that doesn’t visit these links (definitely watched the Flavour Wave infomercial feat. Mr.T last night)


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