The Answer

I’ve never really thought of baking from any other perspective other than looking good and tasting great… but latelyI’ve been trying to think differently. What about being inventive in a whimsical way? Yesterday evening, for Superbowl Sunday, I made pie pops. Easiest dessert ever! Really fun to make but even more enjoyable to eat. To save time I picked up some ready-made pastry (Pillsbury pie crust) and a couple cans of pie filling – this makes things SO easy to prepare. An even mix of hearts and circles, courtesy of my massive cookie cutter collection, makes for some variety and an even sprinkling of cinnamon sugar, atop an apple pop is a great touch.

Obviously pie pops take a fun approach to a slice of boring ol’ pie. Thinking in this new way has inspired an even quirkier dessert. I can’t share the details – they’re too yummy – but I will let you know it’s a cookie. I do need to set aside a little time this week to prepare them, but I have a feeling the end result will make you go, ‘Huh?’.



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2 responses to “The Answer

  1. Piefan

    I demand a photo of said pie pop.

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