Gimme a Break

I needed a break from the city bustle, so I took one. This past weekend I went up north with a few friends to go ice fishing. Although our luck wasn’t the greatest, we did get a few nibbles… there was no loot (or I should say Trout) to bring home, but we had a great time rippin’ around on ATV’s on a frozen Georgian Bay (and drinking cabernet sauvignon by an outdoor fire!) We even celebrated winter glory the next evening by going tobogganing. The food situation was incredible, courtesy of my parents. We ate homemade soup, sticky buns, 20 pounds of chicken wings!!! Homemade vanilla ice cream with blueberry oatmeal cookies and a drizzle of caramel. (Mmm…) All in all, it was an awesome time.

This week I’m stuck in rut – winter in the city can be somewhat depressing, but that’s why I bake! To bring smiles to mid-winter frowns. I’ve got a whole whack of pie filling in the fridge still from my pie-pops, so I need to find a good use for it. Brainstorming session begins… now.


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