Baking Supply Adventure at Degrees

Although my baking activity has been somewhat dormant this past week, I have a best friend’s birthday cake to make tonight/tomorrow and an order of cupcakes to prepare for a baby shower next weekend (I’m calling this my first legitimate order!!!) So this weekend I have to do quite a bit of work/brainstorming and in between, play with some fondant to familiarize myself with the baby shower idea. (little fondant babies in little fondant blankies on top a cupcake!) This means I get to do one of my favourite things – visit a kitchen store to pick up some materials. It’s been somewhat difficult to locate my ideal spot in the city – there are no Michael’s or Bulk Barn’s around… but I have found a little gem called Degrees on Yonge Street (north of Eglinton) This one-stop shop has everything from high-grade chopping knives to edible gold leaf. My first visit to the shop resulted in quite a large visa bill, but I’m okay with that… at least this time around I know I need to bring a list and stick to it!

I love taking on new projects and testing myself – the only way to perfect my skills are to work harder and explore all possibilities. Although most of my skill is self-taught, I’ve decided to take things even further. This coming fall I will be enrolling in (drum roll please) NIGHT SCHOOL. Sounds somewhat daunting but I feel learning should be infinite; I want to take in as much as possible! George Brown provides a pretty extensive and exciting palette of baking arts continuing education programs. I can’t wait!

Wish you were all here – the smell of chocolate cake fills the house…!

P.S. – Go Canada!


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