5 Dozen Cupcakes

Spring has finally sprung, or so it seems. In between time spent in the kitchen this weekend, I tried my hardest to get outside and see some sunshine. I had a time consuming to-do list, but I managed to do some Toronto exploration, which was nice. The first order of business was the baby shower cupcakes (pictured above) they were SO much fun to make. I had a great time making the little baby face expressions and playing around with fondant. It took a few hours to get them all right, but on Sunday morning they were picked up for the shower, and I was told they were enjoyed by the momma-to-be.

My second task was a dozen cupcakes for my boss’ birthday (also pictured above!) She’s an avid cupcake lover, so I knew I couldn’t make something too plain… I opted for my recent-favourite, nutella filled chocolate cake topped with vanilla buttercream AND more chocolate cupcakes topped with milk chocolate frosting a thin layer of decorative and colourful fondant. I’d have to say these were an absolute pleasure to make. I love being creative and having the freedom to do what I please. I thrive best an environment where I’m free to craft something unique and special.

Aside from the fact I made 5 dozen cupcakes this past week, I’m very pleased with the recent weather. Saturday my boyfriend and I ventured up Yonge and did some grocery shopping and Sunday we headed up Queen west. I got some refreshing, but ridiculously overpriced, frozen yogurt at Blush Berry. My rationale for the over-priced yogurt: the upkeep on the fake grass outside the store… just kidding.. but seriously over $5 for a medium frozen yogurt with a few fresh strawberries and blueberries? Not quite justified. I see the value in desserts, that’s my life, but there wasn’t anything special about Blush Berry… Long live Yogen Fruz!


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One response to “5 Dozen Cupcakes

  1. Love the baby shower cupcakes Van!

    I’m sorry I ate half a plate of your mini red velvet cupcakes last night… so good!

    Oh, oh! you should definitely post step by step instructions on how to make pie pops today!! It is Pi Day after all…

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