Steel Panther Concert: This Calls for Red Velvet

I have some very exciting news to share – last week I got to see the one and only, hair metal tribute/parody band STEEL PANTHER! Awhile back I blogged about a concert I went to featuring an amazing band called Monster Truck (I highly recommend you check out their myspace: Well, MT opened for Steel Panther, a band I’ve fancied for quite some time. Although I was born in ’88, by ’89 I was rockin’ hard to hair metal hits… it’s apart of my metal heritage. Not only do I get to see two AMAZING bands, but for free! My best friend ever, Jaq Raver, got me on guest list! (Love you boo)

And another bit of essiting news – I had a bunch of fun visitors over for the weekend! I didn’t get around to too much experimentation but a batch of red velvet cupcakes mysteriously showed up in my oven and were enjoyed/devoured by many. Recipe can be found here: I also made more lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes and a pretty decent pot roast with buttermilk mashed potatoes. I’m so ready for Monday. Pancake recipe (which you need to make this coming Sunday… seriously) can be found here:


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