Let the Battle Begin!

It’s not often I get competitive with baking – usually I strap on my apron, and glasses, put on some tunes and get to work. When I have my final product, it’s enjoyed… and then it just kind of ends and bellies are full. Thanks to my supportive and observant parents, I am now an official contestant in the Iron Chef Cupcake competition, courtesy of For the Love of Cake Bakery in Liberty Village (Toronto)
I believe last month was the first event, although I attempted registering too late, once the results were announced I sent my info for April’s event. And now here I am, with two different batches of coffee infused cupcakes and a hard decision to make. I can’t announce my flavours – there’s nothing worse then confection plagiarism, but I will say that it’s a tough call. I brought 24 of each cupcakes into to work today and both have been equally enjoyed.
In the midst of my madness and experimentation of flavours, I made a trip to bulk barn. I spent a stupid amount of money on things: sprinkles, chocolate moulds, pearl dust for fondant… the list goes on. The cupcake competition isn’t until April 11th, this means I have plenty of time to experiment. In the meantime, make sure you check out this site, or heck, just go visit the bakery itself and get yourself some edible happy. I haven’t been, but a work friend said their cupcakes are ‘to die for’ http://fortheloveofcake.ca/ PEACE OUT BEAN SPROUTS!


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