Alton’s Vanilla Chiffon Cupcakes – The Best Ever

Happy Friday interwebz! It’s a sun shiney day, makes a girl smile. Baking this week was somewhat lack luster. Didn’t get around to much, but Sunday was pretty eventful with my double batch o’ coffee cuppies, so I took a little break. Wednesday night I made a batch of cupcakes (vanilla cake, half filled with nutella, the other half filled with crunchy peanut butter) and of course topped a generous dollop of my fav buttercream. We finished these bad boys off with a lil’ dash of my new (and bad ass!) sprinkles. The reason? Well I obviously don’t need one because I constantly make cupcakes for the sake of it, but my friend lit her apartment on fire (but not really) and woke up everyone else living in the apartments with the buzzing of fire trucks … There’s no apology like an edible one!

So what’s on the agenda for the weekend… Hmm… I need to find an apartment – STAT. My searches have been somewhat disappointing and honestly I really can’t do much at this point because I’m waiting for a call from a landlord. A post-work climb session is in order, and once we’ve conquered some walls, it’s time to prepare for this evening’s madness. Monster Truck is playing at Wrongbar along with a couple other bands (DIRRTY PENNY!!!) So I’m going! After that I will likely be recovering on Saturday, and Sunday will be filled with cupcake preperations. A friend and I will be doing a practice run of a batch of Easter cupcakes she will prepare later on in the week for her family (cupcake lessons!) and then I need to make one final batch of ‘test essperimentashuns’ for the Iron Chef cupcake competition. I got tricks up my sleeve, so you better watch out! Find my favourite vanilla cupcake recipe here:


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