Hoppy Easter

I always loved Easter growing up – the colours, the bunnies, the sweets! I assume that my Easter weekend will be spent enjoying the glorious weather, so HAPPY EASTER in advance!! This past week has been incredibly insane – between all the curveballs life has to offer and the hunt for a new apartment, I’ve barely had time to breathe! But thankfully things have fallen into place, ever-so-nicely… I am days away from potentially securing a new apartment in the Yonge and Eglinton area AND I have thee most wicked Easter cupcake recipe EVER for this evening’s agenda.
I could never take credit for such masterful skills – but man, Bakerella has got some major groove. She’s inspired me to make some Easter basket cupcakes, so today I visited the Easter aisle of shoppers drug mart and had a hay day. I have been quite tempted to snack (especially on the reeses mini eggs, mmm…) but I am holding back because I can’t wait to decorate these babies. A couple of my gal pals are coming over to assist, so I can only imagine how fun the process will be! Mission complete – CHECK IT! http://www.bakerella.com/eye-candy/


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