The countdown has begun. To what you ask? The Iron cupcake competition! Before the week’s end I have one last batch to prepare… of delicious coffee-infused cupcakes. I also have ONE week to decide on my ‘presentation’… I’ve got a few ideas floatin’ around in my noggin.
Another Easter weekend, come and gone. What a pleasure it was with the above 20 degree weather and delicious foods. I was treated at home with a feast of my favourites: turkey, steak, pizza, cherry pie and homemade buttertarts! Definitely got to relax, drink some Jamaican rum on a beach, climb some pine trees (resulting in sappy hands), go to the local town bar, BBQ, laze in the sun! I’m pretty sad it’s over… and I’ve been left with an incredibly sore ear, for reasons beyond me.
It is nice though to return home to the city – I prefer the country but love the city’s constant inspiration. The city suites my personality but the country satisfies my heart.
Recently I’ve been thinking, that with spring currently on the way/kinda already here, I need to ‘up’ my baking and take on something new. I need to brand myself! More details to come!
Please allow me to take this time to rave about something – Smoke’s Poutinerie. In the midst of an a job search journey my bf decided to put his money where his mouth is. He loves the poutine so one night after a trek to Smoke’s (for their incredibly awesome pulled pork poutine … mouf… watering) he decided to apply as a poutine esstroidenaire. Next thing you know he’s a Smoke’s enthusiast – paintin’ the town red with awesome stickers and developing his own concotions. We’re a couple that specializes in making delicious things. If you’re in Toronto, visit smokes! ALL MADE FROM SCRATCH 100% delish… http://smokespoutinerie.com/ Oh, and if you see that red head, Josh Morden, tell ’em VAN sent ya! haha haha


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