Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies

Please note this blog is actually from April 14th, stupid me forgot to ‘publish’ it. The past weekend was insane – in fact, so crazy that it’s Wednesday and I’m still raving about it. Quite honestly though, it was lovely… a bit hectic but nothing I couldn’t handle! In between a cupcake competition and steady flow of guests coming in, out and about, I was feeling rather tempted to work some magic in the kitchen.
My first adventure began at 12:00 am on Friday evening. I had a bunch of semi-drunk guests with rumbling tummies, so I thought it would be nice to fix up a snack. The boys came home earlier with a giant stack of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups so naturally I found a use for them. A quick no-fuss brownie recipe did the trick, and those cups got butchered and stirred up into the chocolately gooey batter. Once baked and slightly cooled, I prepared an amazing peanut butter frosting – a big dollop of crunchy PB, some icing sugar, small pad of butter, and some whipping cream. This was spread on my freshly baked brownies, still slightly warm in the centre, and then topped with a delicate sprinkling of mini chocolate chips. They were enjoyed by all and gone rather quickly. RIP delicious brownies. FYI – I used this recipe and just added a few chopped peanut butter cups.
My next feat was cookie bars, a recipe courtesy of my new favourite interweb bloggin’ baker, Bake or Break. Easiest confection on EARTH and rather tasty. Following the same trend as my previous dessert, these graham crumb based bars were kind of like a peanut butter chocolate cookie. A graham crust, a can of sweetened condensed milk and then a generous sprinkling of milk chocolate and peanut butter chips. Baked these suckers for 25 minutes and next think you know, they’re gone! Visit this site: and you’re bound to find some of thee most delicious recipes I ever see’d.


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