Black Metal, Babies & Rainbows

Whew, it’s May! Summer is just around the corner, and that means plenty of happy weather. This past weekend was somewhat of an intro to ‘the debauchery’ otherwise known as summer 2010. I had a cupcake order on Friday for a baby shower and a birthday cake to prepare on Saturday. Weekends are supposed to be my time off, but I am always more than happy to spend an eve (or two!) in my chaotic kitchen, brewing up a storm of sweet deliciousness. And thanks to my baby shower cupcake order from Katie, I happened to stumble across the bestest chocolate cupcake recipe ever… I hold my vanilla bean chiffon recipe close to my heart, and this new rich chocolate sour cream batter is right next to it!
So what about the birthday cake? It consisted of teal vanilla buttercream sandwiched between 5 layers of rainbow cake! This was topped with fondant and some sculpted decorations. I had been anticipating making a cake like this and finally got the chance for Jaq’s 23rd. It was a huge surprise when she drunkenly cut into the cake and saw the layers of colour. The luchador mask came out again, and we ended up leaving the cake outside overnight, which was enjoyed later the next day for an afternoon snack. Soggy rainbow cake, anyone!?

So what’s next on the agenda of celebration desserts? A birthday cupcake order that’s chocolate a fuschia-coloured AND my bf’s birthday is a month and a half away, so the planning process has already begun. He requested a cake that looks like a hot dog… I’m partial to the idea, because I just don’t think it’s fun enough, but we’ll see what zee future holds. Today’s photo features all the things I love: my boyfriend, black metal, and a man who does the dishes, even if he looks like some sort of demonic hooligan.


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