Cupcakes Vs. Tallcakes

Happy Mother’s Day! Unfortunately I wasn’t close enough to my dearest mama to spend time celebrating this oh-so necessary day, but I did get around to some baking. The weekend was spent quite wonderfully – relaxing to the utmost, and getting things done. Got the chance to see Iron Man 2, which was okay and could best be described as ‘predictable’. We took a visit to Ikea for a new bookshelf, since our DVD collection grows exponentially every day… ended up finding the cutest, smallest, tallest cupcake pan EVER, and to my luck, some super cute liners. This inspired me to whip out a batch of cupcakes – nothing new, but very-much-so appreciated chocolate cupcakes filled with nutella OR peanut butter and topped with vanilla buttercream. Quite honestly one of the best combo’s out there, which is why I make this combo so often – instalove.
I’d like to use the tale-end of my blog to commemorate one of my all-time favourite websites: Mark M. makes the best cartoons ever, which I have avidly praised and shared since 16. Love the guy and his incredibly obscure/so right but so wrong sense of humour. Me and my boyfriend bought matching Mershaq t-shirts… better arrive soon!


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