Fuschia is Fun

Friday evening/Saturday morning, I had the wonderful pleasure of preparing a birthday cupcake order. I love taking people’s preferences and personality and translating them into fun ideas. Dee wanted chocolate cupcakes with silver dragees and pink icing, so I did just that! These chocolate cupcakes were filled with Nutella (aren’t they always!?) and topped with my pink tinted, vanilla bean buttercream. I had a great time preparing these, and during the process developed a fondness for foil baking cups.

The rest of the weekend was spent as one should – enjoying the sun and fluttering around the city. Unfortunately most of the bakeries we ventured to were closed, but we did have the chance to enjoy some delicious Gelato, which I had a love/hate relationship with. I really hadn’t had it before, only small tastes, so I went for the gold – 3 scoops, yes three. Now, these weren’t monster scoops or anything, but they were substantial enough to give me a belly ache. I decided on pistachio, terrone, and tiramisu. Absolutely amazing, I tell you, but my body doesn’t like when I ingest copious amounts of dairy, so I’ve been paying for it since, with an upset tummy. But time to get serious – go to this place ASAP, it’s called Il Gelatiere and everyone has rave reviews that it’s the best gelato in the city!
Saturday evening we went to see Monster Truck. I don’t really have to get into detail, since I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted a thousand blogs that share my MT experience… but as per usual the show was fucking awesome, and I have an incredibly sore neck today from rockin’ out.
Lastly, I had the lovely pleasure of visiting McEwan – an amazing grocery store owned by Mark McEwan, himself. I already knew to expect quality foods, but I was pleasantly surprised at the array of gourmet items waiting to be oogled and awed at by yours truly. It was great and in order to protect my credit card balance, I kept the purchases to a minimum, but our supper last night was made with the sweetest and plumpest plum tomatoes ever, and I happened to pick a very peculiar item, which I am setting aside to be sampled when the time is right – Pumpkin Pie soda. Seriously…. Yes and when I try this obscure delight, you can bet your boots I’ll share the experience.


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