Candy sampling, version 1.0. It’s not everyday you stumble into a retro candy shop with tons of delicious goodies. So when given the opportunity, I normally stock up on favourites, but always make sure to buy something strange and new. Take for example Walker’s Crisps – I mean, have I ever seen these in Canada before? No. A trip to England a few years back, was my only experience with Walker’s, so the nostalgia of the moment got me – not only that, but these crisps were ‘American Cheeseburger’ flavoured. Sounds… interesting? So what else did we purchase for sampling? A wonka scrumdiddlyumptious bar, dumdum lollipops, bazooka gum, extreme sour patch kids, wonka shockers, and chewy jolly ranchers.
Once we got home I unwrapped our treats and scattered them on a ‘taste testing’ tray which we then devoured. So what’s the verdict!? How did this sugary feast satisfy it’s ‘judges’. First off, wonka shockers are a pretty common candy, which I had never had before… and I can say is STOP READING THIS BLOG AND GO BUY SOME. Holy smokes, they’re super-sour chewy little discs of wonderfully fruity flavour. And then there was the wonka bar – holy chocolate batman, it was good. Crushed up peanuts, cookie pieces and toffee, enrobed in sinfully sweet milk chocolate. Yum. And what about Walker’s cheeseburger crisps? Not my cup of tea, can’t say the concept was really appetizing either, but they get a gold star for effort. Chewy jolly ranchers were not really worth mentioning. Extreme sour patch kids did not resemble kids, but rather lumpy gummies that tasted okay (I prefer the original flavour) Bazooka gum was a no-fail – I purchased a few pieces because they had tropical and strawberry flavour which I had never had before. The strawberry bazooka is amazing and I wish I had a piece right now. We bought some dumdums because I had watched an episode of unwrapped that featured them – I know they’re a staple in the states, and I absolutely love them. They’re a perfect size (you don’t get that fuzzy coating on your teeth that lolli’s normally give) and the cherry and mystery flavour are my definite favourites.
So what did we gain from this? If you’re bored and want to have some fun, go on a candy adventure, pick up an assortment and taste test with friends. Super fun!


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