Recently I made Congo bars, recipe courtesy of Bakerella. To best describe these delights, I just gotta say – you should really taste them for yourself! They’re a mix between a cookie/bar/blondie and the recipe can be tailored to whatever you happen to have around (or be craving!) Peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, smarties, m&m’s… the list goes on. I made mine with half milk chocolate chips, half butterscotch chips and a very generous handful (and a half) of chopped pecans. They’re absolutely delicious and you can find the recipe here: I love these kinds of recipes – quick, easy, and a crowd pleaser! PLUS you’re more likely to have these ingredients kickin’ around your pantry. Next time you have a bake sale, or you just feel like munchin’ on some good shit, make these suckers!


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