Baking and blogging have been put somewhat at a halt as a result of a super busy week! I spent last weekend up north, and it was absolutely fabulous. I got to lie in the sun, visit family, have a couple BBQ’s and even ventured out onto Georgian Bay! Let’s not forget copious amounts of alcohol consumption, but that’s an entirely different story. I’ve been back in the city and busier than ever at work! Plus I’ve been working on a super cool birthday project for my mom’s 50th!

Tonight I prepared a fondant birthday cake for my friend’s boss’ daughter (whew!) Once I got home from work, it was straight to the kitchen to prepare a double layered chocolate and vanilla cake covered with purple fondant and colourful flowers and butterflies. This gave me an excuse to visit bulk barn, so I purchased a few goodies there too! So the cake has been made, delivered and enjoyed, it’s a full day of work and then I’m heading up north again until Tuesday. Sometime in between now and Saturday I have to find an amazing, show-stopper of a dessert for my momma’s birthday! Better get thinking…


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