Things have been hectic as per usual, and I can honestly say that June will be even crazier. There are plenty of exciting parties, BBQ’s and other fun things to do this month, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for plenty ‘o sunshine. I am currently recovering from a mild sunburn, as a result of my most recent trip up north (aka home) We had a lovely long weekend of kayaking, swimming, boating, BBQing, fish frying and of course, celebrating my mama’s 50th birthday. For obvious reasons I wanted to spoil the woman and make her a decedent and sinfully rich chocolate cake, so that’s just what I did. A double layer devil’s food cake covered with whipped ganache and then drenched in the remainder of the chocolate and heavy cream mixture. I topped this cake off with some beautiful Ontario grown strawberries, it was amazing… ‘cause how else can you describe a cake with over 2 pounds of chocolate in it!? The sweets were quite honestly the least of my excitement – we had an amazing sirloin roast with plenty of fresh salads, rolls and apps. And then there was the fresh battered pickerel we had, which was absolutely perfect. Let’s just say I arrived back in the city well fed and rested! Another exciting bit of news… I got a sewing machine, FOR FREE! (Thanks Holly!) So here comes a whole new ballgame of ideas and crafting… I have a Darkthrone T-shirt at home waiting to be altered, so that’s on my list of this evening’s to-do’s… tomorrow I get to prepare some tasty coconut cupcakes, so check back soon for yummy pics and details!


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