Holy balls… that’s all I can really muster at the moment. Life has been insane, hence my lack of blogging. But LOTS has happened – last weekend was filled with plenty of excitement and fun, and even a batch of chocolate cupcakes. It’s quite seldom I make chocolate cupcakes, which is somewhat odd considering I’m a chocoholic. Anyways… I made a pretty tasty chocolate frosting – I didn’t have any milk, which I usually add to help my icing reach it’s desired consistency, so I used some vanilla yogurt instead and the end result was rather lovely! And since it’s summer and strawberries are easily accessible, I even whipped up a quite batch of chocolate covered berries and grapes. You wouldn’t believe how delicious a milk chocolate covered grape is… and also dangerous. On the contrary though, it is a fruit after all… easily justified, right?

But the another week has come and gone, and I’ve been anticipating this particular weekend for a long while!! I’m throwing my dearest boyfriend a birthday party with lots of fun surprises AND delicious desserts. And since tomorrow is my boss’ last day for maternity leave, I had to make her favourite cupcakes! Vanilla cake filled with lemon curd, topped with cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries! SO delicious and perfect for summer! There will be plenty of juicy life details/baking stories in the next few days worth sharing – so stay tuned!


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