Where to begin… well I guess it’s been awhile, and that’s been a result of me being busy and procrastination. I keep drafting blogs, but I would rather set aside the right time to do so – quality, not quantity. Anyways, the past few weeks have been rather joyous, and I shall explain why.

Firstly, although it’s summer and it’s wicked hot and I have no A/C, I have been baking lots. For those extra humid nights, where turning on the oven seems completely out of the question, I’ve been opting for no-bake desserts! Which leads me to a chocolate mousse ‘dessert’ – this consisted of a quick graham crust, assembled with some melted butter and coconut –  a thin layer of peanut butter followed by a quick chocolate mousse filling (yes from the box) and then a drizzle of melted peanut butter chips for some flair… voila! Twas chilly and delicious!

So in between my insanely chaotic work schedule, I got the chance to escape cottage country. This adventure was nothing short of amazing (and much needed) We ate steak, ribs, hamburgers, fresh caught fish (courtesy of moi, consumed 30 minutes post-catch) At some point someone mentioned a brownie craving, so naturally I snuck into my Nan’s kitchen and made a quick batch. The final night was concluded with a beach fire, full cooler and toasty marshmallows… and I can hardly forget being pushed in the sand repetitively by my brother.

AND then, one of my ever-so-gracious-and-wonderful friend JaQ decided to surprise me with concert tickets. We saw Metric at the Molson Amphitheater with Passion Pit – it was awesome! Even cooler, we had box seats and a pretty steady flow of beer. I did not keep my dancing to a minimum – we’re talking full-out broadway performance. I suppose sometimes I forget I’m in public. The next day a friend came down for a visit and we had the wonderful pleasure of seeing master-genius Noel Fielding @ the Comedy Bar. Hilarity ensued. The weekend wrapped up with a batch of chocolate chips cookies for the folks at Speakeasy Tattoo shop, where I got tattooed by the extremely talented Josh Egnew.

So what else… I indulged in the greatest feast of humankind. It was my boyfriend and I’s 5 year of togetherness (really, I hate the word anniversary – we’re not married!) so we dined like kings and chose a menu of our favs: crab legs, corn on the cob, asparagus, filet mignon and fresh-cut fries. And we definitely had all the fixin’s, like awesome basil mayo for dipping the fries in. Wanna give it a try? Take a 1/4 cup of mayo, add a couple tablespoons of finely chopped basil, and a 1/4 tsp of fresh minced garlic… let it sit in the fridge for an hour or so and enjoy! It’s Friday eve, and not even that late, but I have a hot date with Mr. Sandman… stay cool! (both literally and metaphorically)


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