So I did it. I made my first-ever batch of cake pops. I’m gonna be honest with you – I really underestimated this project. I was pretty short on time but made ’em anyways… so here’s how things went down.

I opted for a chocolate cake/chocolate icing variation. I baked the cake, mushed it up with my hands (wee! fun) added a container of pre-made chocolate icing and mixed it up real good. I rolled the mush into cute little balls (which made for quite a sticky mess) and this is when I encountered my first mistake. Humidity is my enemy. So the clock is ticking and my cake is in ball form, but I gotta let these suckers ‘set’. Popped them in the freezer for a few minutes – pulled ’em back out and shoved lolli sticks in ’em. (Note to self, get a bigger freezer) Tossed them back in the freezer and proceeded to melt some coloured chocolate. Hot pink and bright blue. Thinned the mixture out with some canola oil, which I felt was a very necessary step. And then I encountered setback #2. These cake balls need to set. But stupid me and my lack of time management, forced the sudden realization that this will have to do – all or nothin’ baby. I dipped the balls, lost some along the way, but for the most part… it worked. I placed them ‘stick-up’ on parchment and coated them in colourful sprinkles. Once the mission was complete, I put them in a cake box back in the fridge to stay cool – twas a hot day after all. 

I tried, and it wasn’t my proudest attempt, but at least now I know what to avoid! Round 2 should be much more successful, at least I can hope. Bakerella’s got some mad skillz.…/


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