So I really haven’t done much baking in the past week because a) I’ve been busy! and b) baking is expensive and sometimes I over-do it. But that’s not to say life hasn’t been ultra interesting, cause well… the past couple days have been radical. Firstly, I had a shitty Monday, which was eventually pretty cool. I helped (and by helped, I really mean tagged along) a friend with a film project. She was shooting a time lapse downtown T-O, so we came along and wasted an hour in a cute little park. 

But the next part of this story is the best… I had the amazing/wonderful/awesome/unforgettable opportunity to see Die Antwoord live! Okay, so you’ve either never heard of ’em, or maybe you’re all like ‘SO WUT’ but I have an extreme fondness for this unique duo (or foursome I guess if you include DJ Hi-Tek and Jack Parrow) But that’s not important, I had anticipated this evening for quite some time and along side my boyfriend, I had an extremely enjoyable evening. The band entertained to the utmost and it was completely surreal. They played all the songs I knew and loved the most, I still feel the energy from the show.

I get to spend another weekend up north and after that, I’ve got to have some time alone in the kitchen!! I have whoopie pie recipes to test and cupcake concoctions to create.


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