Ok so, I’m a little late with this entry because my topic of discussion is the weekend and it’s already Wednesday. Life needs to slow down already, because last time I checked it was August, and I’m pretty sure that summer just started? Ok so maybe it didn’t, and maybe I shouldn’t be complaining because my summer has been jam-packed with excitement, but the lesson here is – time flies when you’re having fun (I guess I must be having some.)

My cousin got married this weekend. Both sides of my family have reached the ages where weddings and babies become quite frequent and thus, somewhat less special, but I won’t complain because I love food and usually weddings have them. This particular one was pretty delicious and there was an open bar, so me and whiskey were BFFs all night long. So let’s do a brief summary of all these delicious courses that I ever-so-elegantly stuffed my face with (this feast caused way too many red lipstick applications…) Firstly, we had a salmon starter – this was my favourite part of the meal. Roasted corn, moist flakes of salmon, roasted lemon, fresh veggies and some cilantro – perfect, light and delicious. Josh isn’t the biggest salmon fan, so although he offered me his first course, I regretfully declined because I was not about to jeopardize my dinner experience by filling up on the first dish. Next on the menu was a salad, comprised of mixed greens, fresh fruits, sliced almonds and poppy seed vinaigrette. The presentation was cute, but I wanted more dressing. Regardless I gobbled that shit up in no time and was ready for my next course. So what’s the deal anyways with the ‘young adults’ being served last… ? This was my thought when I smelled prime rib and watched as the wedding guests feasted on their main courses… I need meat now. Soon enough a perfectly cooked prime rib arrived in front of me, and I was so eager to dig in that I forgot to take a photo (shame on me!) Beneath it was some cornmeal crusted potatoes, which I didn’t really care for. And then off to the side, there was some roasted vegetables, which kind of tasted like perfume, but whatever… this meat is cooked to perfection, so I’ll make do and save some room for dessert. And then came my favourite part… the unmentionables… the sweets… the edible sunshine. I squealed inside when I saw 3 sample size custard dishes on a plate, next to some sort of brown lump. I’m not a custard aficionado by any means, but the vanilla raspberry was unreal, but so was the plain vanilla and the chocolate pudding. The cloud-like chocolate cookie on the plate was somewhat bland, so I traded my boyfriend for his custard remains. You can imagine by now that my stomach is pretty full… but I didn’t stop. The wedding cake was cut and slices were passed around – there were 3 flavours and I tried 2. I was not fond of the lemon, but the chocolate ganache was pretty delicious. Did I mention that all of this took place at the mansion where they shot ‘Billy Madison’ AND we got to eat our dinner in a lovely little tent outside, right next to some gorgeous fountains!? Romantic and awesome, if I do say.

So you’re probably thinking – holy cow, this girl loves food too much – and you’re right. On Sunday night, I was inspired to bake something, so I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, but not just any ol’ batch… instead something I like to call celestial delights. I separated the dough into 3 bowls and dyed them each a different colour. I formed each dough mass into a log and stacked them to create a ‘multi-colour’ look. Wrapped it up in saran and popped it in the freezer for a half hour. I sliced the ‘dough log’ and placed them on parchment covered baking sheets. A dash of star sprinkles transformed these cookies into celestial wonders. I have lost my mind, but I’ve also developed a recent infatuation with all things ‘celestial’. This is why: http://iasos.com/artists/erial/celestial-soul-portraits/


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