You know when things are going so good, maybe even too good, that you kind of feel like something bad is going to happen? It did. I went away this past weekend for a mini vacation, and came home sick. All good things come to an end, but a common cold finale (did I mention in SUMMER) is not cool. So yeah, we trekked a few hours up north and completely disconnected ourselves from the outside world (not even cell phone service!) and I’m not gonna lie… it was awesome.

Lately, I have been fiending for my kitchen – I need it, I want it… I don’t want to wake up and go to work, I want to wake up and bake. Thus, I took it upon myself to prepare a ‘cottage care package’ because the best accompaniment for 4 days of relaxation is treats! Relaxation and baked goods go hand in hand, so it’s only natural that I selected some common favourites for our journey. I searched all week for a perfect blueberry muffin recipe – I searched long and hard and wide and low and eventually found a coffee cake one, which I ‘dauled’ up a bit with some fresh blueberries (‘tis the season after all!) Next on my list was a double batch of chocolate chips cookies – my usual no-fail, super delish and chewy suckers, which are not only a crowd pleaser, but my favourite too! Lastly, I wrapped up the baking process with some granola bars (because I need some balance here) I didn’t really use a recipe, just took some of my favourite additions and binding ingredients and waited for fun things to happen.

Aside from this horrid cold, it was a lovely time! We floated on a giant inner tube, made s’mores, had a Mexican fiesta and did a little canoeing. On the way home we stopped at infamous Webers and shared a burger and a chocolate shake (which I ended up vomiting later… cold pills hate my stomach) If I haven’t made it clear already, I LOVE the outdoors! Take me back! Now you’ll have to excuse me, while I blow my nose and focus on rest… must… recover…


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