Give me any occasion and I will find an excuse to bake for it – it’s just in my nature to find reasons to be in the kitchen, especially during my friend’s birthdays. I feel like it’s expected now, my typical starter question of, “What’s your favourite dessert/flavour in the entire universe!?” And it’s not typical that I bake exactly what they want, but I like to have a general idea of preference and then I let the imagination wonder. Well it was about time I got around to making whoopie pies because there is quite a bit of hype surrounding them (more so in the states) but Bakerella posted a recipe/photo of a chocolate peanut butter variation and I knew that I couldn’t pass this one up. So rather than use my Friday evening to relax or head to the bar for some liquid fun, I excitedly put on my favourite apron and got to work.

The whoopie pies were easy to make – I was pleasantly surprised when I dolloped the thick batter onto my baking sheets and they came out almost perfectly round. And the hint of salt in the frosting makes the biggest difference, seriously, I could taste the slight saltiness and I really, really liked it. I had been debating on whether or not to buy the whoopie pie cookbook, but that will come at a later date, when my bank account balance is slightly steeper. TO make things a little more festive (since these were for a birthday!) I spun them in different kinds of sprinkles and mini chocolate chips and Bakerella’s suggestion of peanut butter chips. In the end I was rather satisfied, and you can bet I’ll be making more of these tasty little suckers.

My next feat was another one of Bakerella’s specialties – oreo truffles. Seriously the easiest thing ever, but oh-so pretty to look at and even tastier to eat. I can assume these wouldn’t stay around long… I had one and then immediately boxed them up as a gift. The decorating possibilities are endless, which is perhaps, why I adore these little guys so much. I am officially adding these to my roster of Christmas treats because man, they really pack a punch! (a really delicious punch)

Lastly, what a better way to end the weekend than a family feast. It was really just a bunch of close friends, but basically family, whatever… anyways it had been raining ALL day, I’m talking torrential downpour, so when things let up we headed to gather some groceries. By the time we were done, the rain was back so I made the most of the situation and jumped in every puddle on the way home, to spite the rain gods (TAKE THAT) I made an amazing lettuce-free greek salad, complete with heavenly chunks of feta (me + feta = love) twice baked potatoes and Cajun chicken. We wrapped up the meal with an odd treat… Pumpkin Pie Soda. We all shared a bottle of the pumpkin brew and it… tasted like pumpkin pie!!! A really unique flavour… not something I would enjoy often but it’s fun to test out these things just for the sake of it. I happened to purchase this at McEwen grocery store and I’m sure glad I did.



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  1. Hey Van! Love the blog. Those Oreo truffles look amazing, definately gift worthy! I’ll have to try that one out sometime.

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