Awhile back I posted a blog that discussed a few locale bakeries, one of these was Jedd’s Frozen Custard Patisserie Café. Upon my first visit, I sampled a small taste of custard and purchased a few pastries, this time I decided to go back with a different motive – one that involved frozen custard. Some fellow employees and I opted to have our weekly status meeting at a remote location, and we were all craving something sweet, and well, we’ve been meaning to get frozen custard for the past month – I mean that too, we try to plan this every week and we fail. But no more procrastination because finally we made the trek and without hesitation, I ordered a single scoop of chocolate frozen custard.

Normally I don’t dedicate an entire post to ONE treat, especially one I didn’t make myself, but this is something special. I’ve had a fair bit of ice cream in my lifetime – I’ve made the stuff, I’ve invested in the fancy expensive kinds, I’ve stained my favourite clothing… I know my shit when it comes to this frozen treat because it’s one of my favourites. Aside from the fact that it sometimes hurts my insides, it’s worth it in the end… And then there’s gelato, which is a whole ‘notha story. I love the stuff, it’s damn good – but how did Jedd’s stand up to the other two frozen delights? It kicked their asses… it gave them both bloody noses and bruised eyes, because nothing, and I mean NOTHING, compares to Jedd’s. How did I go this long without tasting frozen custard!? WHAT IS FROZEN CUSTARD!? Well I know it’s made with some egg yolks and cream and sugar, but these simple ingredients come together for a final product of perfection. The texture is unlike anything – light as air, but rich and perfectly satisfying. I literally phased out completely from this meeting because I was in heaven and then I ate it all and I felt this giant hole in my heart… so I licked the bowl clean. Best part about this? I don’t have a stomach ache and I live about a 10 minute walk to this place. And now I’m dreaming up these amazing concoctions in my head – Jedd’s chocolate frozen custard with fresh raspberries!? Oh my holy crap, I must, I must, I must. If you live in or around Toronto, you need to plan your visit ASAP. And sometimes you can even find Jedd hanging around – and he’s a pretty friendly man… I will be back and I also need to try more pastries, the chocolate ‘Diva’ tart looks divine. If you’re curious about my little illustration above – my dearest boyfriend, Josh did that. Maybe a tad bit violent, but just in case you’re wondering, the Jedd’s cup was victorious in this particular battle – he did have a chainsaw after all.


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