Space Cakes Vs. Van Bakes – so in the beginning I called this blog ‘Space Cakes’ but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was being greedy and irrelevant. I just wanted to throw two of my favourite words together, while making little to no sense in the process. So I guess space cake is another word for a baked good containing illegal substances but I just love space, so I tried my damnest to incorporate it into the blog. Things just didn’t work.
Also, for another reason I cannot quite recall, I decided to use ‘Van Bakes’ for my wordpress account AND my email, so why not just use ONE synchronized message, instead of confusing my visitors (or lack there of – sometimes I feel that I’m the only soul that reads this blogs, and that’s my fault entirely) Plus it’s simpler – I am Van and I bake, and I don’t like making things complicated. So please be advised that until I can screw my head on straight, this page may be under construction. To be entirely honestly, over the next little while I’ll be working on a legit new website… new game, new name!


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