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Tangerine Dream

Well, it’s been awhile and I hate that. Lots has happened though – went on vacation to Cuba, hurt my heel (seriously though…) been working my butt off AND only 3 classes left until I’ve completed my first baking course. What’s next? More baking classes, that’s for sure – the Art of Pastry, which seems like a pretty cool way to start 2011. My favourite holiday is fast approaching and that means TONS more baking and lots of festive moments to be had. So let I’m going to finish this class of wine, listen to some 90’s dance music and share a whack of photos. My life as of late:

Red Velvet Cupcakes for Mandy’s birthday!


The best Watermelon slushie of LIFE (no one told me my button was open…) Another interesting thing to note about this photo is the gentleman in the background beating the shit out of an electrical box with a stick, for no reason… Kensginton Market rules)

We also went to this cool little restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese (or girled cheese, or gorilla cheese, as some of you may refer to) I got a mozza-pesto-arugula one… are you ready?


I tried it with ketchup, I tried it with Frank’s… to be entirely honest it would be good any which way, just look at that stunner.


I made meatloaf cupcakes. They were incredibly tasty… turkey meatloaf baked with tons of fresh diced veggies, spread with a thin layer of BBQ sauce- topped with yukon gold and black pepper mashed potato icing. Decorated these bad boys with Sriracha chili sauce, shredded marble cheese and fresh chives. SUPER FUN!


… And then Cuba happened!


We definitely shot a music video, and I might’ve worn my luchador mask for the remainder of the day.


I really miss this place, but how could you not? The concept of vacation is my favourite. I think we’ll go to Jamaica next year.


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