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Guess What!?

Can I be completely honest here? I suck at owning electronics. You may be wondering why I haven’t updated ye ol’ blog in awhile… really it has little to do with my lack of baking… or even being a busy bee, I don’t own a digital camera… that works. Pathetic I know, how does one capture life moments without an image capturing device? Every camera I own becomes a victim of my stupidity – camera 1 got stolen on New Years, camera 2 was dropped because someone threw a real-live crab at me (chyeah) and well camera 3 got filled with hot sauce (it exploded in my bag, long story short, I carry hot sauce around with me and um, it got inside the actual camera) So I guess this means I get to use photobooth to document my baking essperiments. This isn’t why I really wanted to share though – I am going to be an AUNT! That’s right! ME! Auntie Vanny! That means I get to bake with and for a little munchkin. This baby better be a baker!

Last night I made these awesome truffle brownies – check out the recipe here and make ’em for your awesome friends sometime – they’ll love you for it:


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